Will I still receive bills from my local utility?

No, Arcadia Power will receive your local electric utility bill and we will send you one statement. If you're enrolled in our Premium Membership, this bill will include your local utility charges and your Arcadia Power wind energy charge. If you're enrolled in our Free Membership, your bill will simply consist of your utility charges passed along to you. As part of our commitment to reducing our environmental impact, we send your monthly statements via email, and you can always log in to your Arcadia Power account to view, download, and print your statements.

However, you will continue to receive utility bills if you are on our Evergreen Membership or if you have a separate bill for gas If you’re interested in signing up for the Evergreen Membership, please click here for more details on billing.

You don't support coal, so why should your utility bill? Click here to start supporting power you can be proud of. Or if you've already started, you can finish your account using this link.