What impact am I making?

Every month, your home uses a mix of energy that includes fossil fuels from your electricity supplier or local utility. When you join Arcadia Power you use your monthly energy bill to vote for renewable energy - and become one more household driving the demand for a cleaner energy future.

If you're into numbers, there are a couple ways to look at it. The utility sector in the US uses more water than any other sector including agriculture and creates more CO2 emissions than any other including transportation. Producing the average home's electricity requires over 275,000 gallons of water and produces over 14,500 pounds of CO2, every year. With our Premium Membership, those numbers go to zero. You can track your detailed impact every month in our customer dashboard.

You don't support coal, so why should your utility bill? Click here to start supporting power you can be proud of. Or if you've already started, you can finish your account using this link.