What are your different Clean Energy and Savings programs?

We have five clean energy and savings programs:

Bill Pay
Wind Energy
Price Alerts
Community Solar
Home Efficiency

Bill Pay: Connect your credit card or checking account to our secure and convenient billing platform and enjoy automatic payment options for your monthly utility bill with absolutely no transaction fees. Enjoy earning credit card points while paying your energy bill.

Wind Energy: Source 50% of your energy usage from clean wind energy for free. You can also upgrade to source 100% of your energy usage from wind energy at a small premium of $0.015/kWh (with a $5 monthly minimum).

Price Alerts: We monitor the energy market in your area and use our community’s collective buying power to find you a lower energy supply rate. Available in Illinois, Ohio, New Hampshire, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Rhode Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maine and New York.

Community Solar: Buy one or more panels on a remote solar project and receive monthly savings on your energy bill. No installation or maintenance and no home visits plus, if you move, your savings move with you.

Home Efficiency: Get the latest home efficiency products at no upfront charge, and pay for them over time with the savings they generate each month. For example, Nest Thermostats and LED bulbs are great ways to reduce your energy usage.