NEW Price Alerts Program for Maryland and New Jersey Residents

What is Price Alerts?

We automatically monitor your local energy market to find you the best price for clean energy, comparing options across a wide array of energy suppliers in the competitive energy market. We use the combined purchasing power of our members and our exclusive partnerships to find exclusively low, fixed rates for power. There’s no cost to you, no fees, and nothing else you need to do.

How does Arcadia Power determine the cost of my energy supply?

Arcadia Power is working with a dedicated supplier - Think Energy - to provide our members in Maryland and New Jersey with an added benefit to the program. Our partnership with Think Energy will ensure that your supply rate will be the standard rate offered by your local utility or less.

How is this different than your other Price Alerts program?

We constantly monitor for lower rates for all Arcadia Power members. However, Maryland and New Jersey members will have a dynamic rate, knowing that they will always be at or below the standard rate offered by their local utility, at all times.

What states are eligible for this program?

We are currently offering this opportunity to Maryland and New Jersey members only.

How will Arcadia Power communicate changes in my supply rate?

We will send you an email every time your rate changes or if you have been put your utility's SOS rate instead. 

Can I expect anything from my utility company at any time?

Your utility company will send you a letter in the mail each time that you are put back on your SOS rate. To avoid confusion, we recommend you contact us directly to answer any questions you might have. 

What if I don't want to be part of this program? Will I incur any cancellation fees?

Not at all. If you wish to not be part of Price Alerts, just reach out to us and we can help you. All members are given two opportunities to opt out.

What happens if I completely cancel my Arcadia Power membership?

If you cancel your account, Think Energy remains as your supplier. If you wish to drop completely from Think Energy, you will need to contact them directly.

Who should I contact if we have any questions or concerns about our rate, Price Alerts, or my account? 

All questions about Price Alerts, your rate, or your account should come to us, which can be done via email or by phone.

By Email:

By Phone: 866.526.0083