Am I eligible for Community Solar? (New York and DC residents)

Arcadia Power is working to bring community solar to our customers in New York and Washington D.C., for free!

Here's some more information on how it works:

1. Connect your account

The first step is to sign up to be an Arcadia Power member. It only take a minute! Just connect your local utility account to our platform and enroll in automatic bill pay. As soon as you are connected we will find a local community solar project to connect you to, for free.

2. Support local solar

After you are enrolled you will be supporting a local community solar project that is producing clean energy and sending it back to your local grid. 

3. You save on your monthly bill

Because of your support, every month you will see savings on your Arcadia Power bill. Your savings will be based on the solar power that is produced by your share of the community solar farm.

If you have any questions please check out our website or send an email to 

***This program is only available to customers in certain service areas