How does membership work? (Premium and Free)

What we do:

Arcadia Power gives everyone the chance to know — and decide — what kind of energy they support.

We give anyone the opportunity to choose clean wind energy for their home, apartment, or business. We do this right through your utility bill, with no installation, equipment, or contracts.

You have the option to sign up for our Premium Membership to have 100% of your electricity sourced from wind farms at a small premium of $0.015/kWh (with a $5 monthly minimum). Or join the Free Membership to have 50% of your electricity sourced from wind at no additional cost to you.

The cost:

With a Premium Membership, you get 100% wind energy, plus energy-saving perks for a few extra dollars a month. The Premium Membership is just $0.015/kWh (with a $5 monthly minimum) on top of your local utility charges.

For example, if you use 500 kWh with a bill of $70 per month, it would just be an extra $7.50 to use 100% wind energy; or $77.50 in total.

Our Free Membership is free! That means we will cover the cost of ensuring that 50% of your electricity usage is sourced from wind farms and you won’t pay anything on top of your current utility charges. The amount of your utility bill will stay the same but half of your electricity will be renewable.

With either Membership, there are no contracts or cancellation fees.


You will receive one bill from Arcadia Power that includes your standard local utility charges. If you are enrolled in our Premium Membership, your monthly Arcadia Power bill will include both your standard local utility charges and your Arcadia Power wind energy charge. With either membership, you will be enrolled in our automatic payment system so you won't have to worry about making manual payments each month.

You're not changing your utility or supplier so you can keep any program you have with your utility (like budget billing, senior discounts, time of use, etc.)

You don't support coal, so why should your utility bill? Click here to start supporting power you can be proud of. Or if you've already started, you can finish your account using this link.