How does this membership work? (Evergreen)

We give anyone the opportunity to choose 100% Wind Energy at their home, apartment, or business - with no installation, equipment, or contracts.

We do this by purchasing Green-e certified Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) from wind farms to match your personal electricity consumption. This short video by the EPA does a great job of explaining how RECs work:

When you sign up for the Evergreen Membership, you will pay a small monthly clean energy fee for the RECs. You will continue to receive and pay your local utility bill as normal and we will send you a separate e-bill for your clean energy fee. Signing up for Arcadia Power will not change the amount of your local utility bill.

Our rate is $0.015/kWh in all 50 states.

Your monthly clean energy fee will be based on your average monthly kWh usage so we will ask for that information during the signup process. If you need help calculating your average, click here.

Ready to start your Arcadia Power Membership? Get started here. If you've already started, you can finish your account using this link.