Do I need to pay my bills myself once I sign up?

When you enroll in our services you will receive an email letting you know that your account is complete and around when your first bill should arrive from Arcadia Power. You will find this email by the subject title, 'Your clean energy account is complete'. 

If you have any bills that are due before your service start date, please pay these directly to your utility. Any bill that is due after your service start date will be covered by Arcadia Power.  

Once your service starts with Arcadia Power, you are on automatic payments with us. Each month we take over billing and payments to your utility on the Premium and Free Membership so you do not have to pay them directly. If you have any further concerns you can also email

Please note, you will continue to pay your utility directly on the Evergreen Membership.

You don't support coal, so why should your utility bill? Click here to start supporting power you can be proud of. Or if you've already started, you can finish your account using this link.